Published: 2019-11-14 11:21:33 CET
First North Denmark
Announcement from First North

Astralis Group A/S

Astralis Group A/S has applied for admittance to trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark. The first day of trading in the shares is expected to be 9 December 2019. The admission to trading is conditional upon that Astralis Group A/S obtains a sufficient number of shareholders and sufficient free float.


The result of the offering is expected to be published by the company on 2 December 2019 at 18:00 CET at the latest.



Name: Astralis Group
ISIN: DK0061155785
Short name: ASTGRP
Volume: Minimum: 53,966,480 shares
Maximum: 56,759,777 shares
Company Registration Number: 40694072
Face value: DKK 0.01
ADT Value: EUR 400,000
Round Lot: 1
Market segment: First North / 100
Tick Size table: MiFID II tick size table / 230
Mic code: DSME
Orderbook ID: 184125



Code Industry
5000 Consumer Services


Code Super Sector
5700 Travel & Leisure



For further information, please contact: Surveillance, tel. +45 33 93 33 66




Astralis Group - IPO 1 - uk.pdf