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Published: 2023-06-06 16:00:00 CEST
General meeting of shareholders

Decisions of annual general shareholder meeting, AB Novaturas

On 6th of June, 2023 annual general meeting of AB Novaturas had taken place.  Shareholders representing 4 172 117 shares ( 53.44 % from total issued 7 807 000) were present in the meeting.  The meeting had accepted the following decisions:

  1. Approved Company‘s stand alone and consolidated financial reporting package for the year ended 31 December 2022.
  2. Approved Company’s remuneration statement which has been presented within the scope of  consolidated annual report for the year ended 31 December 2022.
  3. Approved draft profit appropriation, as presented below (amounts are in thousand Euros):
1)Undistributed result – profit (loss) of the previous financial year at the end of the accounting financial year10 454
2)Net profit (loss) of the accounting financial year(713)
3)Dividends paid during year 20220
4)Profit (loss) for the accounting financial year unrecognized in the profit (loss) statement0
5)Allocations from the reserves0
6)Shareholders’ contributions to cover the Company’s losses (if the shareholders of the Company have decided to cover all or part of the losses)0
7)Total profit (loss) to be appropriated9 741
8)Share of profit allocated: 
 to mandatory reserve0
 to reserve for acquisition of own shares0
 to reserve for granting the shares0
 to other reserves0
 for payment of dividends0
 for other purposes (annual bonuses to Board members, etc.)0
9)Undistributed profit (loss) as of the end of accounting financial year, carried forward into the following financial year9 741

  1. Approved changes in Company’s Articles of Association establishing new number of Management Board members (three persons) and new term of service (two years). 
  2. Elected new Management Board members: Mr. Tomas Korganas, Mr. Ugnius Radvila and Mr. Gediminas Almantas (independent member) for two years term of the service.
  3. Approved essential conditions of agreements to be signed with the Management Board members.
  4. UAB Ernst & Young appointed as auditor of the Company’s accounts for two years (2023, 2024) period establishing 111 th.  Eur. fee for audit of 2023 accounts and the same amount adjusted with annual inflation to be calculated as at end of August 2024, for audit of 2024 accounts.
  5. Approved additional audit fee payment limit for auditor of Company’s 2022 accounts UAB Deloitte Lietuva as well as respective authorizations and obligations for the CEO of the Company. 

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