Published: 2021-01-14 09:00:00 CET
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Barbora owned by Maxima grupė UAB enters the Polish market

The largest Baltic e-grocery store Barbora owned by Maxima grupė is entering the Polish market.

Since expansion to Latvia and Estonia in 2018, Barbora focused on improving the service, creating the best shopping experience for customers, strengthening e-commerce market and attracting new customers in Baltics. Rapid growth in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia gave an impulse to a new stage of expansion. Barbora sees a lot of potential for growth of e-commerce in the Polish market. The capital Warsaw was selected for the first stage of expansion.

About Barbora:

Barbora - the largest e-grocery store in Baltics, offering fast and convenient home delivery of food and other goods, as well as the ability to pick up your order at „Drive in“ or regional “Barbora Express” pick-up stations. Barbora started operations in Lithuania in 2014 and expanded to Latvia and Estonia in 2018.

Contact person:
Greta Koraliovienė
 „Maxima grupė“, Head of Legal Services