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Published: 2022-07-20 07:00:00 CEST
Telia Lietuva, AB
Interim information

Telia Lietuva results for 6 months of 2022

The Board of Telia Lietuva, AB (hereinafter “Telia Lietuva” or “the Company”) approved unaudited Telia Lietuva, AB Interim Financial Statements, prepared according to International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the European Union, and Interim Report for 6 months’ period ended 30 June 2022.

Second quarter of 2022 (compared with the same period a year ago):
- Revenue increased by 8.9 per cent and amounted to EUR 110.7 million (EUR 101.6 million).
- EBITDA (excl. non-recurring items) went up by 10 per cent to EUR 37.5 million (EUR 34.1 million).
- EBITDA increased by 10.3 per cent and amounted to EUR 37.5 million (EUR 34 million).
- Profit for the period grew by 14.5 per cent to EUR 14.1 million (EUR 12.3 million).

First half of 2022 (compared with the same period a year ago):
- Revenue was up 6.8 per cent and amounted to EUR 214.9 million (EUR 201.3 million).
- EBITDA (excl. non-recurring items) went up by 7.4 per cent to EUR 73.1 million (EUR 68 million).
- EBITDA increased by 6.4 per cent and amounted to EUR 73.2 million (EUR 68.8 million).
- Profit for the period went up by 3.5 per cent to EUR 26.3 million (EUR 25.4 million).
- Free cash flow increased by 11.2 per cent and amounted to EUR 36.3 million (EUR 34.8 million).

Management comment:
Before entering into a new era of 5G network rollout, the Company continued the largest investment project in its history. By the end of June, more than half of Telia Lietuva’s mobile network – 925 base stations had already been upgraded with Ericsson equipment, that support all mobile technologies, including 5G. During the six months of 2022 investments into mobile infrastructure amounted to EUR 10.6 million and were one fifth higher than a year ago. According to the latest data of the Communications Regulatory Authority, the average data download speed in Telia Lietuva’s 4G mobile network is 143.1 Mbps, the fastest in Lithuania.

Telia Lietuva was the first to offer to business customers fiber-optic Internet of up to 2 Gbps speed. Higher speed Internet initially is available to business customers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys, Alytus and Palanga.

We continued to ensure reliable and cheap communication with Ukraine. In April, all communication services to Ukraine were provided with 80 per cent discount, while from May thanks to joint efforts of European operators mobile calls to Ukraine are provided 4 times cheaper than standard rates, while mobile data even below EU pricing. The war in Ukraine also revealed an importance of cyber security. An impact of the war in Ukraine and imposed by EU and U.S.A. sanctions so far is not significant to the financials of the Company.

Roaming service in EU countries was offered to prepaid mobile communication service subscribers and number of converged offer, Telia1, reached almost 76 thousand of households. Over the last twelve months:
- number of mobile service subscriptions grew by 12.3 per cent up to 1,582 thousand,
- number of FTTH Internet customers went up by 3 per cent up to 309 thousand,
- number of IPTV remained flat and amounted to 254 thousand.

Larger customer base and ongoing demand for mobile and broadband Internet as well as IT services contributed to revenue growth. Over the year, comparing 6 months of 2022 with the same period in 2021:
- revenue from billed mobile services grew by 15.7 per cent,
- revenue from IT services surged by 14.6 per cent,
- revenue from broadband Internet services went up by 9.1 per cent.

In May, EUR 58.3 million (or 0.10 euro per share) dividends was paid to the shareholders of the Company. In June, the Board approved change in the governing structure of the Company – Marketing team, led by Vaida Jurkonienė, will be directly reporting to CEO of Telia Lietuva. Following the departure of two members of the Management Team, Elina Dapkevičienė was appointed as Head of Consumer unit and Daina Večkytė stepped in as new Head of Finance. Diana Gold will take lead over Digital & Analytics unit from 1 September.

Telia Lietuva remains committed to promotion of local content. We’ve supported the National film awards “Sidabrinė gervė 2022“ (Silver Crane) and follow-up summer film festival “Sidabrinė gervė naktys” (Silver Crane Nights) in 10 cities. Traveling climate museum is another project supported by the Company. Educational climate museum will visit 18 cities focusing on people living in smaller cities and regions.

- Telia Lietuva, AB Interim Financial Statements and Interim Report for 6 months’ period ended 30 June 2022.
- Presentation of Telia Lietuva, AB results for 6 months of 2022.

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Head of Investor Relations,
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