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Published: 2024-05-23 09:16:08 CEST
Eco Baltia
Company Announcement

Regarding the submission of the audited consolidated and standalone annual report for the year 2023 of Eco Baltia AS

Eco Baltia AS, the largest environmental resource management and waste recycling group in the Baltic States, announces changes in the submission of its audited consolidated and standalone annual report for the year 2023, now scheduled for 30 June.

The publication date has been changed due to structural changes within the Eco Baltia Group following the acquisition of shares in Metal-Plast Sp.z o.o. at the end of last year and the reorganisation of certain companies.

These changes in the Group's structure will contribute to Eco Baltia's faster development in the long term, but will require more time to review and correct the current financial results in the 2023 financial statements.

Thank you for your understanding!


About Eco Baltia

Eco Baltia group is the largest environmental and waste management group in the Baltics, providing the full-cycle waste management solutions from waste collection and sorting to secondary raw material logistics, wholesale and raw material processing as well as PET and PE/PP plastics recycling.

According to the currently unaudited financial data, in 2023 Eco Baltia AS will reach its highest ever consolidated turnover of EUR 218.5 million, an increase of 4% compared to 2022. The Group's unaudited consolidated EBITDA for 2023 is EUR 27.6 million, an increase of 8.6% compared to the previous year.

The Group has more than 2.500 employees in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. Its leading companies are PET Baltija, Eco Baltia vide, Latvijas Zaļais punkts, Nordic Plast, JUMIS, Sigulda, TESIL Fibres, TESIL Fibres, UAB Ecoservice, based in Lithuania. From November 2023, the Group also owns shares in Metal Plast in Poland, and from April 2024 – shares in AS “Daugavpils specializētais autotransporta uzņēmums” in Latvia.

Shareholders of Eco Baltia are private equity fund INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund (52.81%), the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development (30.51%) and Māris Simanovičs (16.68%).



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