Published: 2019-09-27 11:05:55 CEST
Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca
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Notice to the investors and shareholders and participants of the Financial Instrument Market

Dear Investors and Shareholders!

On the 14 October 2019 an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of JSC Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca will take place with the agenda as follows: election of the sworn auditor of the joint stock company.

The Management board of the joint stock company has interviewed a number of Latvian auditing companies and has received concrete proposals from some of them.

Arising out of the above mentioned, guided by sections 176 and 268 of the Commercial Law as well as by advisability of evaluation of possible candidates made by Audit Committee of the joint stock company before election of the independent auditor the Management board proposes:

  1. to the shareholders and investors to get acquainted with the received proposals, and
  2. to the shareholders and investors to propose candidates for the election according to the received proposals or to propose other candidates at discretion of the shareholder and investor by submitting information (proposal) of the candidate and his written agreement to be elected as an auditor of the joint stock company.

The management board asks shareholders and investors to exercise the mentioned above rights and opportunities until the 9 October 2019. 


Management board of the

JSC Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca