Published: 2021-05-14 15:35:50 CEST
AB Novaturas
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Preliminary financial results for 4 months of 2021

In April, “Novaturas” Group resumed flights from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to the most popular summer destination – Turkey. During April, the Company served 10.2 thousand customers. In total, during January - April, the Company served 19 thousand customers - 31% less than last year and 71% less than in 2019. Group revenue in April amounted to EUR 6.4 million.  Cumulative January - April turnover reached EUR 12 million and was 49% and 72% lower than the corresponding time last year and in 2019. 

"While presenting the successful results of the first quarter to the investor community, we have forecasted that in the upcoming each month of the second quarter our target is to serve more than 10 thousand travelers on a group-wide basis. We have achieved this result in April, and it is highly likely to generate similar figures in May. Unfortunately, we cannot compare the results of April this year with the results of April 2020, because in April, May, and June 2020 we did not operate due to pandemic restrictions”, says Audronė Keinytė, Head of “Novaturas” Group.

In May, the Company have resumed flights from all the Baltics to Greece. Starting from the middle of May, planes from Lithuania will take off to the islands of Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu, and in autumn the island of Kefalonia will join the assortment of Greek holiday destinations. From Latvia flights to Crete and Rhodes are planned in May, and in autumn - to Corfu. Travelers from Estonia will fly to Crete and Rhodes from mid-May, and from autumn to Corfu and Kefalonia.

About “Novaturas” Group

AB “Novaturas” Group is the largest tour operator in the Baltic States, offering summer and winter package holidays in more than 30 destinations worldwide and more than 100 sightseeing routes. In 2019, the group served more than 293 thousand customers.

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