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Published: 2021-11-23 07:30:05 CET
PATA Saldus
Tender offer

The results of the mandatory JSC PATA Saldus share respurchase offer

On November 17, 2021  JSC „PATA Saldus” received from the „PATA”  report  on  the  results of the mandatory  JSC  „ PATA Saldus” share repurchase offer:

Target company

JSC „PATA Saldus”, registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia on May 8, 2004  with  registration  number: 40003020121,  legal address: Saldus, Kuldīgas street 86C, LV-3801, phone number 63807072, e-mail: info@patasaldus.lv .


Target company shareholders meeting 02.09.2021. decided to exclude shares from the regulated market. Ltd.”PATA”, Ltd.”SALDUS MEŽRŪPNIECĪBAS UZŅĒMUMS”, Ltd.”KUBIT” voted to exclude the shares from the regulated market.

Ltd. „PATA” , registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia on February 24, 2004 with registration number: 40003448619, legal address: Siguldas nov., Inčukalna pag., Inčukalns, Miera street 2, LV-2141,  on behalf of all shareholders who voted to exclude shares from the regulated market make a mandatory share repurchase offer in accordance with Section 66, Paragraph four, Clause 2 of the Financial Instruments Market Law.

Nmber of shares offered for sale

As part of the mandatory share repurchase offer, 3 678 shares of the Target Company were offered for repurchase.

The number of shares that will be at the disposal of the Offeror after the execution of the share repurchase offer

After the execution of the nandatory share repurchase offer, the Offeror will have at its disposal 741 254   shares of the Target Company or 95,74% of the shares of the Target Company.     

Chairman of the Board

Gatis Zommers