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Published: 2021-01-13 13:26:56 CET
Arco Vara
Changes in share capital and votes

Change in substantial holding

Arco Vara AS notifies the stock exchange about a change in substantial holding as required by § 186 of the Securities Market Act.

On January 11, 2021, LHV Pensioninfond L transferred 869,587, LHV Pensionifond XL 365,619, LHV Pensionifond M 51,240 and LHV Täiendav Pensionifond 10,391, in total 1,296,837 shares of Arco Vara AS held by them to OÜ Alarmo Kapital. The transferred shares stood for 14.41% of total Arco Vara AS shares.

As a result of the transaction, OÜ Alarmo Kapital now holds 42.39% of the voting shares of Arco Vara AS. In addition to the 42.39%, 390,000 shares are subscribed but not yet issued to OÜ Alarmo Kapital by Arco Vara AS, which after the issue would make OÜ Alarmo Kapital a 44.78% shareholder.

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