Published: 2017-11-03 08:50:29 CET
Company Announcement

Baltika opens a pop-up store in Finland

Baltika Group launches a pilot project to support the growth of e-store revenue in Finland. As part of this initiative AS Baltika’s subsidiary in Finland OY Baltinia AB signed a short-term rental contract in the beginning of November to open Baltika’s brands representing store in Iso Omena (Citycon) shopping center in Espoo. Pop-up store representing Baltika’s brands is scheduled to open in the first half of December this year, the length of the rental contract is six months.

Opening the store will support Baltika Group’s e-store activities in Finland that is already serving local clients there and the project aims to increase sales by integrating physical store environment with the opportunities and strengths of an e-store.

Subsidiary OY Baltinia AB is established in 1994 but there has been no business activities in the last ten years.


Maigi Pärnik
Member of the Management Board