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Published: 2022-05-16 10:40:56 CEST
Nasdaq Tallinn
Announcement from the exchange

The growth of Punktid Technologies AS's mediation service in April was 81% compared to last year, and the 2022 sales target set for Finland was met


The sales of Punktid Technologies AS (hereinafter "Punktid") in April 2022 were EUR 324,000 in total, of which EUR 209,000 constituted the gross amount of the Punktid platform mediation service (money received from customers through the Punktid platform), and which increased by 81% compared to April of 2021 (the gross amount of the mediation service in April 2021 was EUR 115,000). The largest increase came from the global Punktid.com web page, where compared to last year's gross amount of the mediation service of EUR 10,000, this year's amount reached EUR 108,000, meaning it grew by 980%. Additionally in April, we reached the target set for 2022 for our Finnish platform, Punktid.fi, which was EUR 15,000.

The mediation service includes the online sale of digital codes for video games, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox through the Punktid sales platform managed by Gamekeys OÜ which belongs to the Punktid group, both in Estonia and abroad.

"Despite the fact that all of our time and energy was spent preparing for the initial public offering (IPO), and taking into account the current global uncertainty, deepening inflation and declining markets, we are pleased to announce that due to organic growth, we were able to outperform last year's sales in April. We were able to achieve this result with our own resources and without directing any investment into growth," said Hannes Niid, Member of the Management Board of Punktid Technologies AS.

Total sales of the Punktid group in April 2022

Total sales of Punktid group   324,000 €
Wholesale revenue of HVK Business OÜ 115,000 €
Gross amount of Gamekeys OÜ mediation service 209,000 €

*The numbers have been rounded to the nearest thousand euros. The figures for April 2022 are not yet final (i.e., these may change slightly) as the April of 2022 has not yet been closed in accounting.


The information published in this announcement on the gross amount of mediation service is not reflected in the financial statements of Punktid as according to the Estonian Financial Reporting Standard (EFS), sales revenue from the mediation service is only the commission, but not the gross amount collected under agreements. Nevertheless, Punktid assesses its growth and success solely on the basis of sale by Gamekeys OÜ (i.e., the gross amount of the mediation service). Punktid will provide investors with a short overview of sales results monthly and a more detailed overview on a quarterly basis.


Contacts for additional information

Hannes Niid
Management Board Member of Punktid Technologies AS

Tel: +372 53 095 817

Punktid Technologies AS is a holding company established and operating in Estonia which has two subsidiaries, Gamekeys OÜ and HVK Business OÜ. Punktid group owns and develops the largest online sales environment for digital codes of video games, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox in Estonia, whereas:

  • The main activity of Gamekeys OÜ is the mediation of the world's best-known video games and video game gift cards in an online environment and the related customer service and marketing both in Estonia and abroad; and
  • The main activity of HVK Business OÜ is the wholesale of video games and gift cards for business customers, sale of the right to use the Punktid.com platform to Gamekeys OÜ and development of the Punktid.com IT project.