Published: 2021-02-09 09:00:00 CET
Notification on material event

Rokas Masiulis has been appointed as Director General of LITGRID AB

The Board of LITGRID AB (legal entity code: 302564383, registered office address: Viršuliškių skg. 99B, Vilnius, LT-05131 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania), after evaluation of the results of the public recruitment process and the competence and experience of the candidate, appointed Rokas Masiulis as Director General of LITGRID AB effective from 22 February 2021 when his resignation from the position of a member of the Board of AB Vilniaus šilumos tinklai is completed in accordance with the principles of separation of energy transmission and generation.

In this capacity, he will replace Vidmantas Grušas who is acting Director General of the Company from 16 October 2020. Vidmantas Grušas will continue to work as the Director of the Transmission Network Department of LITGRID AB.

In line with good governance practice, in the selection process the Board of LITGRID AB was assisted by the Remuneration and Nomination Committee of holding company UAB EPSO-G, in which the majority consists of independent members. To ensure the transparency and impartiality of the selection process international recruitment and selection agency MPS Baltic was employed. 15 candidates took part in the selection process of the General Director of LITGRID AB, which started 27 October 2020, on equal terms and qualification requirements known to the participants in advance. During the selection process interviews with 11 candidates were held.

The decision of the Board to appoint R. Masiulis as the General Director of LITGRID AB was made after the examination of the candidate in accordance with the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Objects Important for Ensuring National Security and the Law on Prevention of Corruption.

R. Masiulis is an economist with a degree from Vilnius University. He also holds a Master's degree in international relations and political science. In 2014–2019 he headed the Ministries of Transport and Energy, since 2010 he was the General Director of AB Klaipėdos nafta. R. Masiulis has more than 13 years of experience as auditor in business consulting and auditing companies.

R. Masiulis has 10 years. experience working on corporate management boards. At the time of his appointment, R. Masiulis was a member of the boards of Vilnius International French Lyceum and financial technology company UAB Connectpay.


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The individual authorized by LITGRID AB to provide additional information:
Jurga Eivaitė
Project manager
Communication Division
Phone: +370 613 19977


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