Published: 2020-08-14 15:05:00 CEST
AB Novaturas
Notification on material event

Preliminary financial results for 7 months of 2020

With the softening of travelling restrictions, Novaturas Group has renewed its partial operations from all Baltic markets as of the 1st of July.  In July, the group's revenue amounted to 2.4 million, the group serviced 4.6 thousand customers. At the same time last year, the Company's turnover amounted to 16.6 million. The number of customers served amounted to 31.7 thousand.

Since July Novaturas Group has partially resumed its operations to the Greek islands - Crete, Rhodes and Corfu  as well as part of sightseeing trips by bus from Lithuania to Poland and other European countries. The Company plans to offer the travellers holiday packages to Sicily in September. Currently, the Company is ready to offer the travellers other popular and safe holiday destinations - the resorts of the Canary Islands, Turkey, Portugal and Tunisia, but it  requires relevant decisions from the responsible state institutions. The Company also introduced new product - accommodation services in the Baltic States.

the Company has started refunding cancelled trip already in July: „We are one of the first to have started refunds for the travellers whose trips were cancelled due to COVID-19 and we believe it has encouraged people to plan their future holidays. We take full responisbility of our travellers, so our primary goal is not only to ensure the maximum safety of the holydaymakers, but also to make refunds for canceled trips as soon it can be done and we use state support to do so," says Audronė Keinytė, Head of Novaturas Group.

In today’s context, the Company notes the changing holiday planning habits. If in the past it was customary to plan  vacations six months prior to the departure, today the travellers make the their decision to purchase trips 1 - 2 weeks before the departure. Therefore, the Company focuses on the development of its own sales channels and brand strengthening .

The Company is constantly communicating with the responsible state institutions, partners abroad, monitors the practice in other countries and is ready to offer travellers more safe holiday destinations as soon as appropriate decisions are made by the state insititutions. Countries that attract most travellers  have implemented strict health and safety protocols that all business segments providing tourism services must follow, so safety of the travellers is secured in every step - from the safe access to the airports to safe rest in hotels and beaches.

About Novaturas Group

Novaturas Group is the leading tour operator in the Baltic States. As of March 21 2018, Company's shares are dual-listed on the Warsaw and Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchanges.

The Company was established in 1999, became the market leader in the Baltics in 2004. Products of Novaturas Group are currently offered in all Baltic countries.  Travelers value Novaturas Group for the high quality of its services, reliability and variety of travel offers.

The Group offers both summer and winter package holidays as well as sightseeing tours by coach or plane to more than 30 destinations worldwide, including the most popular holiday resorts in Southern Europe as well as select locations in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. 

The Group's strategy also aims to retain diverse distribution channels. Novaturas works with over 400 travel agencies, including all of the major agencies in the Baltics. It also operates retail offices of its own in main cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and is developing its own e-commerce channels.  

Finance director 
Tomas Staškūnas,
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