Published: 2024-01-11 17:30:00 CET
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IT - INET Nordic - Auction Trading semi-annual periodic update (04/24)


Auction Trading is provided for certain less liquid Instruments on Auction Trading Market Segments under Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden (MIC: SSME) and Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland (MIC: FSME), if they fulfil specific pre-defined criteria B according to rules outlined in the INET Nordic Market Model Appendix AA.

Auction Trading reduces the risk of disorderly trading for shares with low liquidity when the spread exceeds 7% in continuous trading for two consecutive quarters.


This IT Notice contains information on the Instruments allocated for Auction Trading for the first and second quarter of 2024. Next periodic update based on criteria B will be published on July 11, 2024.

The following Instruments are subject for Auction Trading for Q1 and Q2 2024 (period from January 18, 2024 until July 17, 2024 inclusive):

Order Book Symbol Instrument Name ISIN Explanation
No change/ Removed)
FSME PALLAS Pallas Air Oyj FI4000518386 Added
SSME AYIMA B Ayima Group AB ser. B SE0009888506 Added
SSME BAWAT Bawat Water Technologies AB SE0017487424 Added
SSME BINERO Binero Group AB SE0005249570 Added
SSME CLINE B Cline Scientific AB ser. B SE0006758231 Added
SSME FSPORT FSport AB SE0016288641 Added
SSME HELIO Heliospectra AB SE0005933082 Added
SSME HOYLU Hoylu AB SE0020677854 Added
SSME KONT Kontigo Care AB SE0007075247 Added
SSME L2S Learning 2 Sleep L2S AB SE0017083694 Added
SSME NBZ Northbaze Group AB SE0003204908 Added
SSME NETM B Netmore Group AB ser. B SE0009921976 Added
SSME NICO Nicoccino Holding AB SE0005506185 Added
SSME RPLAN Ranplan Group AB SE0011178201 Added
SSME TH1NG TH1NG AB SE0016074124 Added


In case Instrument becomes subject to Liquidity Provider activity during this period, it is transferred back to a Market Segment with continuous trading. Separate IT Notice will be published for such a transfer.

Legal and Nordic Market Model

Nasdaq First North Growth Market Rulebook for Issuers of Shares contains the legal basis for allocating Instrument to and from Auction Trading. The Rulebook is published at Nasdaq Nordic website under Issuer Rules at Nasdaq First North MTF Rules & Regulations. The INET Nordic Market Model contains information on Auction Trading. The Market Model is published at Nasdaq Nordic website under Market Models at Nordic Member Rules.

Time schedule

INET Production – January 18, 2024

Technical support

For technical questions, please contact Nasdaq Cash Equity Operations:

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E-mail: operator@nasdaq.com


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Nasdaq Nordic represents the common offering by Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq Iceland and Nasdaq Stockholm. Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq Iceland and Nasdaq Stockholm are respectively brand names for Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, Nasdaq Iceland hf. and Nasdaq Stockholm AB.

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