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Published: 2024-02-09 08:37:40 CET
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Elmo sets new milestone in teledriving with historic 2100km journey in Netherlands

Elmo, the world's first developer of street-legal teledrivable technology in car-sharing services, set a new record in the field of remote-controlled street vehicles by teleoperating a Nissan Leaf electric car from an impressive distance of 2100 kilometers away using its remote driving technology. This monumental event took place with the vehicle navigating the roads of Rotterdam, Netherlands, while being remotely controlled from Tallinn, Estonia.


A milestone in teledriving technology

In an unparalleled demonstration of innovation and collaboration, Elmo partnered with Dutch Automated Mobility, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology, to achieve this feat. Alwin Bakker, co-founder of Dutch Automated Mobility, shared his excitement about the historic moment, stating, "This historic journey is not just a milestone for Elmo and our partnership but a giant leap forward in demonstrating the practical capabilities and reliability of teledriving technology."

Enn Laansoo, Jr., the visionary founder and CEO of Elmo, humorously remarked, "They say it's about the journey, not the destination. Thanks to teledriving, we're proving you can have the best of both worlds, all from the comfort of your office. This achievement places Elmo at the forefront of the mobility sector's most discussed innovation, teledriving."

Elmo's recent success was further highlighted as the company emerged as a finalist at the prestigious Netherland’s Automotive Innovation Award 2024, underscoring its significant contributions to the automotive and car-sharing sectors through advancements in teledriving technology.

The previous record was set 2 months earlier, in December, when an Elmo remote driver controlled an electric car driving on the snowy roads of Tallinn from 610km away in Vilnius. Elmo and Dutch Automated Mobility started their collaboration in September last year, and an introductory video featuring an interview with the Estonian Ambassador in Netherlands can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFyyLbU5uPA


The future of mobility

Elmo's pioneering journey offers a glimpse into the present and to the near future where distance and location pose no barriers to vehicle remote operation. This achievement not only showcases the potential for autonomous and selfdriving vehicle technology but also strengthens the belief that teledriving technology works already in present. 


About Dutch Automated Mobility

Dutch Automated Mobility stands at the forefront of autonomous and remote-controlled systems, specializing in automated transport solutions for both people and logistics. With a proven track record in the Netherlands, they are committed to the safe and successful implementation of autonomous technology.


About Elmo

Elmo is renowned for introducing the world's first road-legal teledriving technology. Teleoperating daily on public streets since 2022 across Tallinn, Tartu (Estonia), and Helsinki (Finland), Elmo's teledrivable cars are at the heart of gathering invaluable experiences from across the globe, including in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and the US.


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