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Published: 2022-10-05 15:00:00 CEST
UAB "Orkela"
Prospectus/Announcement of Prospectus


UAB “Orkela”, legal entity code 304099538, registered address at Jogailos str. 4, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania (the Issuer). The terms with the first capital letter used in this Notice shall have the meanings given to them in the Issuer’s Prospectus approved by the Bank of Lithuania and published on 24 May 2022 (the Prospectus), unless stated otherwise in this Notice.

The Issuer would like to inform you that on 4 October 2022 the Bank of Lithuania has approved the first supplement to the Prospectus (decision No. V 2022/(1.160.E-9004)-441-198) (the Supplement).

The Supplement was prepared following the Issuer’s decision to change and update the Offering schedule provided in the Prospectus and introduce a new alternative Project’s development scenario. Each amendment to the Prospectus introduced under the Supplement is briefly explained in the Supplement.

The Supplement is attached to this publication.

On behalf of the Issuer:

Anastasija Pocienė
General Manager


ORKELA-Supplement to the Prospectus_04.10.2022.pdf
Amended and restated Summary_EN-EE_04.10.2022.pdf
Amended and restated Summary EN-LV_04.10.2022.pdf
Amended and restated_Summary_EN-LT_04.10.2022.pdf