Published: 2022-03-07 18:54:39 CET
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Icelandair: Traffic Data February 2022

In February 2022, the total number of Icelandair passengers on international and domestic flights was around 125,000, which is more than fivefold increase compared to 2021. The total capacity in February was 58% of February 2019 capacity levels.

The total number of passengers on international flights was around 109,000, compared to around 5,000 in February 2021. The number of passengers to Iceland was around 66,000 and from Iceland around 27,000. Via passengers were around 16,000, compared to around 37,000 the month before. The drop in via passengers is mainly because of the effects of the Omicron variant on some of our markets, and adverse weather in Iceland in February that affected connecting flights in our KEF hub. On-time performance was 75%, despite operations being impacted by adverse weather.

The load factor on international flights was 66% compared to 25% in February 2021 and 76% in February 2019. The load factor on flights to and from Europe (72%) was significantly higher than on flights to and from North America (60%).

The number of passengers on domestic flights was around 16,000 compared to 14,000 last year. The load factor on domestic flights was around 80% compared to 66% in February 2021. The domestic operation has recovered well and year to date, the number of domestic passengers has increased by 13% compared to 2021.

Sold block hours in charter flights increased by 29% compared to February 2021. Freight measured in Freight Ton Kilometres was similar to what it was in February 2021.

Icelandair’s operations in February were impacted by weather in Iceland which resulted in some cancellations and rerouting. With pro-active changes to the flight schedule, the effect of the weather was minimized.

With a strengthening booking status for the months ahead, the outlook is positive. While uncertainty due to the pandemic and related travel restrictions are diminishing the conflict in Ukraine and related impact are closely monitored. The company will continue to use its flexibility to adjust to the situation at any given time.

Route NetworkFeb 22Feb 21CHG (%)YTD 22YTD 21CHG (%)
Number of Passengers 124,60719,024555%238,01042,238463%
Load Factor66.4%30.3%36.0 ppt62.8%36.6%26.2 ppt
Available Seat KM (ASK´000,000)485.850863%1,020124723%
Revenue Passenger KM (RPK´000,000)322.3152007%641451312%
  To market (passengers)66,1662,8632211%106,5408,6111137%
  From market (passengers)26,8642,1321160%50,1987,507569%
  Via market (passengers)15,6936424420%52,5525978703%
Number of Passengers 108,7235,0592049%209,29016,7151152%
Load Factor66.2%25.4%40.8 ppt62.7%33.9%28.8 ppt
Available Seat KM (ASK´000,000)480.244.4981%1,009.6112.2800%
Revenue Passenger KM (RPK´000,000)317.811.32714%632.738.11563%
Stage length (KM)2,9782,44722%3,0352,41126%
On-Time-Performance (Arrivals)75.0%97.0%-30.0 ppt70.0%88.0%-18.0 ppt
Number of Passengers15,88413,96514%28,72025,52313%
Load Factor80.0%66.0%14.0 ppt76.8%62.9%13.9 ppt
Available Seat KM (ASK´000,000)5.66.1-8%10.311.6-12%
Cargo & LeasingFeb 22Feb 21CHG (%)YTD 22YTD 21CHG (%)
Sold Block Hours - Leasing1,3991,08829%2,2712,1207%
Freight Tonne KM (FTK´000)10,18910,307-1%20,78920,7700%
CO2 EMISSIONSFeb 22Feb 21CHG (%)YTD 22YTD 21CHG (%)
Total CO2 emissions tonnes 79,22110,883628%120,81522,282442%
CO2 emissions per OTK0.912.35-61%0.971.58-39%

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