Published: 2023-02-20 13:49:07 CET
Penneo A/S
Changes board/management/auditors

Change in Penneo's management - CMO steps down

Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Selde steps down from his position as of 20 February 2023.

Penneo announces today that Daniel Selde will leave the company as Chief Marketing Officer effective as of today. The Company expects to announce a new leader for its marketing function in the near term.

Further information

CEO, Christian Stendevad
Mobile (+45) 27 29 50 02

About Penneo A/S

Penneo is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and was initially established for the purpose of assisting businesses with digital document signing and digitizing workflows. Today, the company has developed into an eco-system of digital solutions which automate work routines within for example anti-money laundering (AML) - a RegTech software that offers businesses an efficient and cost-saving way to comply with legislation. 

The original and widespread product "Penneo Sign", which helps customers secure easy online signing of documents, is still continuously developed by the company - while at the same time new products appear, such as Penneo KYC (Know Your Customer) - a product that digitises the work-flows in businesses and contributes to complying with legal requirements in connection with onboarding and identification of customers.  

Penneo holds a strong position across the geographical markets it operates in. In total, 1.8 million individuals signed documents electronically with Penneo in 2022 across all of the markets we operate in.

In April 2022, Penneo was listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen following a listing on Nasdaq First North in June 2020. This transition contributes to strengthening the company's focus on European expansion. 

For information about Penneo, please visit https://penneo.com/investor