Published: 2020-04-23 10:40:00 CEST
Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB
Notification on material event

Regarding the end of Ignitis Grupė‘s official tender offer for shares of Energijos skirstymo operatorius, AB

AB “Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius” (hereinafter – the Company or ESO), identification code 304151376, registered office at Aguonu str. 24, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. The total number of registered ordinary shares issued by the Company is 894 630 333; ISIN code LT0000130023.  

Ignitis Grupė informs that on 22 April 2020 the official tender offer for the shares of the subsidiary ESO has ended. 

Ignitis Grupė plans to initiate the mandatory repurchase of shares of the subsidiaries and apply to the Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania with a request to coordinate the prices of mandatory share repurchase. 

Ignitis Grupė plans to provide the same prices for required share buy-out as those which were paid during the tender offers. It is planned to offer EUR 0.880 for one share of ESO. 

During Ordinary General Meetings of Shareholders of ESO on 30 April 2020 a decision will be made on the payment of dividends of EUR 0.076, respectively. If the payment of dividends is approved, investors who have sold shares during the official tender offer will receive a dividend-equivalent premium to the tender offer price. Meanwhile, investors who have sold the shares during the mandatory buy-out after the rights accounting day will receive dividends in accordance with law. Thus, both groups of investors will receive the same financial benefits. 

Shareholders who sold the shares during the official tender offers also acquired a pre-emptive right to acquire the shares of Ignitis Grupė during initial public offering. Ignitis Grupė plans to implement retail offering. Thus, minority shareholders of ESO who will sell shares during the mandatory offer will have the opportunity to acquire shares of Ignitis Grupė on equal terms with other market participants. 

Information, related to mandatory share buy-out, will be communicated publicly, and each shareholder will be informed by a registered letter. 

Relevant information on share buy-out is published at

ESO Spokesman Tomas Kavaliauskas E-mail:; tel.: +370 617 51616