Published: 2021-08-26 15:05:00 CEST
Amber Grid
Notification on material event

The audit committee's opinion on the transaction with the related parties

AB Amber Grid, legal entity code: 303090867. Address: Savanorių pr. 28, LT-03116 Vilnius, Lithuania.

AB Amber Grid received an UAB “EPSO-G” Audit Committee (which also acts as Company‘s Audit Committee) opinion on 26th of August 2021 regarding the intention of the Company's subsidiary UAB GET Baltic to enter into a transaction with the controlling UAB EPSO-G regarding the purchase of financial management, accounting and related services.

In the opinion of the audit committee, the transaction is in line with market conditions and is fair and reasonable with respect to the shareholders of Amber Grid, which is not a management service counterparty.

The Board of AB Amber Grid shall consider the conclusion of the agreement on the 2nd of September 2021.

Part 6 of the article 372 of the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania establishes that the company is obliged to enable the shareholders to familiarise with this opinion at the registered office of the company. At the request of the Shareholder by written or electronic means, at the latest within 3 days from the receipt of the request, the Company shall send a copy of this opinion to the Shareholder by signing or send by registered mail or by electronic means if the security of the transferred information is ensured and the Shareholder's identity can be established. The Shareholder can also get acquainted with the opinion received at the head office of the Company at Savanorių pr. 28, Vilnius, during the Company's working hours, by sending an acknowledgment of receipt to the following telephone or e-mail address within 1 business day.

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