Published: 2020-07-31 08:30:14 CEST
Linas Agro Group
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Dotnuva Baltic, a subsidiary AB Linas Agro Group, buys a start-up and will offer a precision farming system to the market

UAB Dotnuva Baltic, a subsidiary of AB Linas Agro Group, acquired 87.5% shares of start-up UAB GeoFace developing precision farming systems. The remaining 12.5% of shares to be obtained in August. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed by agreement of the parties.

Dotnuva Baltic together with the specialists of the start-up GeoFace will jointly develop the precision farming system GeoFace. It is planned to offer it to the market in the spring of next year, and at the beginning it will be offered by two companies providing services and goods to farmers - UAB Dotnuva Baltic and AB Linas Agro.

Farmers face high environmental requirements, climate change and production prices fluctuations on a daily basis. The smart farming system GeoFace will help farmers to manage these challenges more efficiently, facilitate the planning and execution of daily work and the calculation of farm costs.

‘Cooperating with farmers in all the Baltic States, we find that the most advanced are increasingly turning to smart farming. The aim of such farming is to achieve the best possible results by saving fuel and energy and using fewer fertilizers and pesticides. Our goal is to help farmers in the region achieve such efficiency. To do this, we will use information technology solutions that will alleviate the challenges facing farmers and help them grow crops. We own several agricultural companies ourselves, and observe that tailor made solutions are often needed for each field,’ says Jonas Bakšys, Business Development Director of AB Linas Agro Group and CEO of UAB Dotnuva Baltic.

J. Bakšys notes that it is important for farms to make the most of the modern machinery - this is what the new GeoFace system is intended for. It is developed according to the needs of the region's farmers - in other words, taking into account local conditions and adapting it to the individual needs of each farm.

The new system will allow agricultural companies, agronomists, farmers and their consulting companies to monitor the situation in the fields from a satellite: observe crop growth, detect bad crop areas, make fertilization and spraying plans, automatically select the most efficient products and calculate farm costs for each field. The system will also have other functions useful to the farmer and agronomist, such as review of reclamation maps, catalogs of plant care products, pests, diseases and weeds, yield forecasting, review of soil layers.

Farmers using a precision farming system will be able to monitor the situation in the fields, plan the work and forecast output remotely, without leaving their home.

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