Published: 2020-03-16 14:35:00 CET
Utenos Trikotazas
Notification on material event

Utenos trikotažas under quarantine: stores are closed, production continues


Due to the situation of the coronavirus and the decision of the state authorities to announce quarantine in the Republic of Lithuania, Utenos trikotažas has suspended the operation of 6 of its stores, production operations remain active.

The daily activities of the Company are being organized remotely. The management of the company monitors the situation and responds to new circumstances accordingly.

“From today on, the company is introducing new rules that will apply during the quarantine. Most of the administration staff works remotely, our employees are advised to cancel all the visits and meetings. Guests are not allowed in our premises too. Maintaining a clean and safe work environment to our production workers is our ongoing priority,” says Petras Jašinskas, CEO of Utenos trikotažas.

According Petras Jašinskas, thus far production operations keep up with the schedule. “Under these circumstances we made some adjustments in organizing the work flow at the factory. Since educational institutions are closed, some employees find it difficult to work as usual. Therefore, we look for possibilities to adjust the work schedule, provide additional breaks if needed,” adds P. Jašinskas.

Under current circumstances all the evaluations to the potential impact on the annual results would not be accurate. In case operating conditions changes significantly, Utenos trikotažas undertakes to notify about relevant decisions in a separate notice.

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