Published: 2020-10-26 09:46:54 CET
Sakret Holdings
Announcement from First North

On completion of the capital increase and pledge registration process of UAB "Sakret LT"

On behalf of the Collateral Agent, the Company hereby informs that the process of increasing the share capital of its subsidiary UAB "Sakret LT" and registration of additional collateral in the Lithuanian Mortgage Register for the newly issued shares of the respective issue has been completed.

Registered and paid-up share capital of UAB "Sakret LT" after the increase is EUR 6'050'033.60

The commercial pledge is registered for all 208'910 shares of UAB "Sakret LT".

Attached is the Announcement of the Collateral Agent.


         Andris Vanags
         Chairman of the Council
         +371 67803650

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