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Published: 2023-01-20 08:00:00 CET
Tallinna Vesi
Company Announcement

AS Tallinna Vesi will hold an Investor Conference Webinar to introduce the results for the 4th quarter of 2022

AS Tallinna Vesi invites its shareholders, investors, analysts and other stakeholders to join its investor conference webinar, introducing the results for the 4th quarter 2022. The webinar is scheduled for 27 January 2023 at 11:00 am (EET) and will be held in English. The webinar will be hosted by Aleksandr Timofejev, Chief Executive Officer and Taavi Gröön, Chief Financial Officer.

The questions will be answered by Aleksandr Timofejev and Taavi Gröön after the presentation. We encourage participants to send their questions before the webinar takes place, by 9:00 am (EET) on January 27 at the latest, to Maria.Tiidus@tvesi.ee. Questions can also be asked during the webinar.

To join the webinar, please register via following link: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/9bhk6KHLuE-3ebzu7heVkw,D_qFdawVcEyINCW7E8bX8Q,9ACCsti5W0m0i4qc76Mnfw,EBtpfsgkTkyoPlnc7UD3JQ,TcoyS3PpB0WVhHMjr0E4UQ,SJiqPu17o0qSkvml5kbHNQ?mode=read&tenantId=e864b8f5-cba1-4fb8-b779-bceeee179593 The registration will be open until 27 January at 9:00 am (EET). When joining the webinar for the first time, you will be asked to download the plug-in which will take only a few seconds. In case plug-in can't be downloaded, a web browser which enables attending the webinar, opens automatically.

Registered participants will receive a reminder e-mail one hour prior to the webinar. The webinar will be recorded and made available online for everyone on the company’s website at www.tallinnavesi.ee and on Tallinna Vesi YouTube account.

Maria Tiidus
Head of Communications
AS Tallinna Vesi
(+372) 5597 0295