Published: 2020-03-17 12:48:06 CET
Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca
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Notice due to COVID-19

Arising out of the COVID-19 pandemia in the result of which a quarantine and restrictive guidelines were enforced by the global community influencing business activity incl. in regions of our main business partners, and due to general instability and decrease of activity on market segments, where the company’s products are represented, the Council and the Management Board expect deterioration of economic indices, decrease of production orders, disruption of raw material deliveries and payment procedures starting from march 2020. The level of this negative assumption and significance of its influence on company’s activity could be in details, objectively and reasonably evaluated following the results of the second and third quarters of the year 2020.

The Management Board and the Council are intended to assume a program of measures to locate these assumptions immediately.

 Company’s negative assumptions and detailed risks analysis and arguments arising out of pandemia and crisis aspects of the market will be given in the Annual report for the year 2019.   


 Management board of the

JSC Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca