Published: 2021-10-22 08:49:31 CEST
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Virši invites to join its webinar about the upcoming IPO

Virši (AS “Virši-A”) webinar will take place on October 26 at 10 AM. The webinar will be open to all registrees signed up through the link below.

Webinar will be hosted by the Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Director Jānis Vība and Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer Vita Čirjevska. During the webinar attendees will be introduced with the company and its rapid growth, development plans, as well as the upcoming initial public offering of shares (IPO). After the presentation attendees will have a chance to ask their questions to the Management Board members of Virši.

To sign up for the webinar, please use the following link:

After filling in the application form, you will receive a link to the webinar and instructions to your specified e-mail. When connecting to the Nasdaq Riga webinar for the first time, you will need to download the app. Further, to join webinars on the stock exchange platform, you will not need to download the app again.


Subscription for the shares of Virši initial public offering will take place from 25 October to 5 November. In total, the company is entitled to make a public offering of shares with up to 1,509,121 shares with the possibility to increase this amount by additional 226,368 shares. The price of one share is 4.49 euros. The minimum investment is one share.

As a result of the IPO, Virši plans to attract new capital of up to 6.9 million euros, directing most of the funding to improving the supply and infrastructure of alternative fuels. It is also planned to pay significant attention to increasing the sustainability and efficiency of the company's operations.

Find out more about the Virši IPO in the prospectus


The information contained in this announcement does not constitute investment advice nor a proposal. The information in this announcement contains generic forward-looking statements and the intention of AS “Virši-A” to undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Any investment decision shall be made subject to the prospectus approved by the Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia.


About Virši:

AS Virši-A is the largest and fastest growing Latvian fuel trader, with 26 years of experience in the Latvian fuel trade sector. Today, the AS Virši-A network has more than 63 service stations, of which 61 are full-service, and employs more than 627 people in all regions of Latvia.


Additional information:

Undīne Priekule
Virši communication specialist
Phone: +371 26866079