Published: 2016-10-17 08:01:32 CEST
Vilkyskiu Pienine
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Acknowledgement for Lithuanian cheeses, curd snacks and yoghurt in Paris

At the SIAL 2016 international food innovation exhibition currently under way in Paris, the Vilkyškių Pieninė company was named one of the most innovate food industry representatives in the world. The Lithuanians presenting at the event received acknowledgement in 4 dairy product categories for their Vilvi brand, which is targeted towards foreign markets. 2,188 products from 942 companies were entered into the SIAL Innovation competition, out of which 600 innovations were chosen by an international evaluation commission.

The YOGA yoghurt beverage with lemons and aloe, the new MURR glazed curd snack mascarpone and pistachio flavours, and the IMUNIA yoghurt with honey all receives acknowledgement for their advanced recipes. Vilkyškių Pieninė cheeses received an award for their packaging for its informative design and aim to educate consumers about cheese.

The new Vilkyškių Pieninė cheese packaging was revealed to the Lithuanian market a year ago. One of the country's most modern cheese producers, the company has been promoting long-standing cheese-making traditions that originated 200 years ago in Lithuania Minor. The pride of the cheese masters at Vilkyškiai is their original recipe cheeses, which are aged using a special coating. In an effort to help consumers navigate the complicated world of cheese, the company presented cheese lovers with a new packaging design that clearly presents information about the cheese's hardness, flavour profile and ageing period.

“Our team is happy about and is proud of this acknowledgement. Only truly exceptional products receive acknowledgement at an event of such importance. In addition, admission to the SIAL Innovation pavilion is an excellent opportunity to expand our network of partners,” said Vilkyškių Pieninė CEO Gintaras Bertašius. According to Mr. Bertašius, such victories prove that Lithuanians are able to surprise the Western world with their innovative approach. “I think that what caught their eyes was that we didn't just focus on the product's quality and packaging, we also managed to simply and clearly communicate this product's primary characteristics. This makes things much easier for the consumer,” said Bertašius.

The SIAL Innovation pavilion is considered one of the most important parts of the SIAL 2016 exhibition. The first SIAL exhibition was organised in 1964. It is the largest and most important food innovation exhibition in the world. This year, more than 7,000 participants from 104 countries around the world will present.

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