Published: 2021-05-27 11:56:15 CEST
Tallinna Vesi
Corporate Action

Change in substantial shareholding

In accordance with the § 186 of the Securities Market Act, AS Tallinna Vesi notifies the stock exchange of a change in substantial shareholding.

On 25 May 2021, a total of 541,917 A shares of AS Tallinna Vesi were transferred to OÜ Utilitas in a takeover offer. The 541,917 A shares account for 50% of the shares sold in the takeover offer and 2.71% of all A shares of AS Tallinna Vesi.

As a result of the takeover offer OÜ Utilitas owns 4,072,352 A shares in AS Tallinna Vesi, which accounts for 20.36% of all voting shares in AS Tallinna Vesi.

Laura Korjus
Head of Communication
AS Tallinna Vesi
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