Published: 2020-02-20 14:23:40 CET
TM hf.
Notice to general meeting

TM hf. - Notice to general meeting 12th of March 2020 and proposals from the Board of Directors.

By mistake one agenda item was not mentioned in the notice to general meeting which was published on the 18th of Febuary, ie  election of auditors.  Adjusted agenda:

  1. Report of the Board on the company’s activities for the past year of operation
  2. Annual accounts of the company for the past year of operation, along with the report of the auditors, presented for approval
  3. Decision on allocation of the company’s profits
  4. Proposal for an authority to purchase own shares
  5. Decision on the proposal of the Board on the company’s emolument policy
  6. Decision on a fee for the Board, the sub-committees of the Board and the nomination committee
  7. Election of the company’s Board
  8. Election of two members of the nomination committee
  9. Election of auditors
  10. Other issues, lawfully presente

Attached, as well as the agenda of the meeting, are the proposals of the Board of Directors regarding items on the agenda.


Proposals of the Board of Directors.pdf