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Published: 2010-04-21 11:00:00 CEST
Annual Financial Report
Audited annual report 2009 and profit allocation proposal
The council of Nordecon International AS approved on 20 April 2010 the
annual report and profit allocation proposal for the year 2009 of
International AS. The council decided to present the annual report
and profit
allocation proposal as prepared by the management for the approval
of the
general meeting of shareholders. 

Nordecon International AS net loss
for 2009 is 45,740,000 kroons (2,923,319
euros). The retained earnings from
prior periods are 391,020,000 kroons
(24,990,733 euros). Management proposes
to cover the net loss of 2009 using
retained earnings and to leave the
remaining amount of retained earnings
undistributed, i.e. to pay no dividends
and to make no other provisions from
retained earnings. The amount of retained
earnings remaining is 345,280,000
kroons (22,067,414 euros). 

The audited
annual report for 2009 is made available on NASDAQ OMX Tallinn
Exchange's web page www.nasdaqomxbaltic.com and issuer's web
www.nordecon.com. The report can also be read at issuer's location on
Pärnu mnt
158/1, Tallinn. 

Nordecon International is a group of
construction companies whose core business
is general contracting and
construction management in the construction of
buildings and infrastructures
in Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine. In addition,
in Estonia our companies act
as independent contractors in road construction
and maintenance, environmental
engineering, the assembly of reinforced concrete
elements, and the performance
of cast-on-site concrete works. The parent of the
Group is Nordecon
International AS, a company registered and located in
Tallinn, Estonia. In
addition to the parent company, there are more than 15
subsidiaries in the
Group. The consolidated revenue of the Group in 2009 was
2.4 billion kroons
(155 million euros). At the end of 2009 Nordecon
International Group employed
nearly 1,000 people. Since 18 May 2006, the
company's shares have been quoted
in the main list of the NASDAQ OMX Tallinn
Stock Exchange. 

1 euro =
15.6466 kroons

Raimo Talviste
Nordecon International AS
Head of Finance
and Investor Relations
Tel: +372 615 4445
Email: raimo.talviste@nordecon.com