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Published: 2023-06-05 10:56:06 CEST
Nordic Fibreboard
Company Announcement

Changes in the Supervisory Board of Nordic Fibreboard AS

Today, June 5, 2023, Joakim Helenius, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and co-controlling shareholder of AS Nordic Fibreboard, has informed the Company of his decision to step down from the Supervisory Board. The Company will call for an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders as soon as legally possible in order to formally accept the resignation of Joakim Helenius and to accept the appointment of his replacement as Supervisory Board member. The Company will propose to appoint Rando Tomingas as a new Supervisory Board member. Rando Tomingas has obtained his Bachelor´s and Master´s degree (cum laude) in finance from Tallinn University of Technology and has worked in the Trigon Capital group since 2014.

Joakim Helenius made the following statement in connection with his request to resign his membership of the Supervisory Board: “I remain a strong believer in the future of AS Nordic Fibreboard, a producer of high quality environmentally sustainable insulation materials which also help provide for healthy indoor climate conditions. In order to avoid any potential risk of a conflict of interest I am however following Estonian law by resigning my Supervisory Board membership in order to be able to consider accepting other related Supervisory Board memberships.”

Torfinn Losvik
CEO & Chairman of the Management Board
Phone: + 372 56 99 09 88
E-mail: torfinn.losvik@nordicfibreboard.com