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Published: 2022-07-15 08:20:14 CEST
Elmo Rent
Company Announcement

ELMO's remote-controlled electric car passed the site test of the Transport Administration

ELMO Rent, a new generation mobility service provider, passed the learning site test of the Transport Administration with a remote-controlled electric car and starts preparing for the driving test in city traffic. After passing the driving test, remote control technology can be officially approved by the Transport Administration to start driving tests on the streets.

Remote control, which is considered a new megatrend in the world, has been tested for years, but so far only very few companies have reached the level of sufficient security and reliability with the technology development to be able to navigate the roads with it.

`Currently, there are still no remote-controlled cars in the world serving customers on the streets,’ emphasised Enn Laansoo Jr., CEO and founder of ELMO Rent. ‘We are certainly pioneers in the world with the remote-control technology we have developed. It has already attracted great interest and attention in France and Germany, where we went to introduce the technology at the beginning of the summer, and which gave the impetus to start certifying the technology in these countries as well. The advantage of remote-control technology compared to other ride-sharing businesses is especially visible in big cities, where there are always problems with parking and emissions. We are optimistic that we will be able to reach the French and German markets as the first service provider as a result of the sale of the technology license and remote-control service.’

ELMO Rent plans to start street tests in Estonia during August in order to bring the first 20 remote-controlled electric cars into service as early as this year. ‘As part of the street tests, we can already start providing short-term rental service with the first cars. Until the end of 2022, a security driver will also travel to the ordered destination with the aim of ensuring safety, gaining experience of driving on the street, and helping refine the uniqueness and technology of remote control,’ added Laansoo Jr.

‘In the autumn of last year, we were the first in Estonia to launch a service with which a customer can order a car to a location that suits them, free of charge. It is significantly more convenient than looking for a free car on the street and creates a significant competitive advantage for ELMO Rent compared to other ride-sharing companies. Applying remote control technology to the service makes delivering the car to the customer faster and more cost-effective,’ said Laansoo.

The car that passed the test of the Transport Administration was a first-generation Nissan Leaf electric car equipped with remote control technology. In parallel, the next generation electric Leaf has also been prepared for testing, and preparations for the Renault Zoe have begun, the first five of which will also be put into service soon.

ELMO Rent AS is an Estonian company whose main field of activity is the provision of an environmentally friendly vehicle sharing service and the development, launch, and scaling of related environmentally friendly and innovative technologies, such as the vehicle fleet’s IT operating systems, car controllers, and remotely controlled vehicles.


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