Published: 2019-10-17 16:24:33 CEST
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Nasdaq Commodities Welcomes DXT Commodities

Nasdaq Commodities is pleased to announce that DXT Commodities SA (DXT) has joined Nasdaq’s Nordic Commodities market.

DXT is an international commodities trading company, active in the European wholesale power and natural gas markets and leader in the offtake of renewable energy in Italy, with over 3,5 GW of installed capacity managed.

“With our trading expertise and deep focus on technological innovation we have continued to expand our businesses across the world and cover a growing range of commodities, delivering results and constantly improving its performance over the years. As new Nasdaq member, we hope to benefit from a well-established and liquid exchange that will favor our global expansion strategy”, says Benedict Sciortino, Chairman of the Board at DXT Commodities.

"The addition of DXT to our Nordic commodities market is an important step in our efforts to further develop and expand commodity market participation across continental Europe,” says Georg Aasen, Head of European Commodities at Nasdaq. ”We welcome DXT to the Nasdaq family and look forward to working together with them in the future.”

DXT joins Nasdaq Commodities as an Exchange and Non Clearing Member (NCM).

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