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Published: 2022-01-14 08:00:00 CET
Bercman Technologies
Company Announcement

Closing of transactions agreed in share swap agreements; electing additional member of Management Board

On 22.11.2021, AS Bercman Technologies (hereinafter Bercman), Krakul Holding OÜ (hereinafter KH), and Krakul OÜ (hereinafter Krakul) concluded a conditional swap for the share of a private limited company and shares of a public limited company (hereinafter the Contract). The object of the Contract is the acquisition of a 100% shareholding in Krakul by Bercman, whereas the acquisition of this shareholding shall be paid for in the shares of Bercman. The Contract has been concluded conditionally. One of the conditions precedent to the closing of the transactions contemplated under the Contract was the approval of the Contract by the general meeting of shareholders of Bercman, as well as resolving the increase of the share capital of Bercman.

On 23.12.2021, the transactions contemplated under the Contract were closed and Bercman acquired the 100% shareholding in Krakul, Bercman also submitted an application to the Estonian Register of Securities for the registration of the new shares of Bercman. On 06.01.2022, Bercman submitted an application for admission to trading of the new shares of Bercman in the multilateral trading facility First North.

By today, all transactions agreed upon in the Contract have been closed, the increase of share capital of Bercman has been registered and the new shares have been admitted to trading in the multilateral trading facility First North.

As one of the closing conditions of the Contract, Jaan Hendrik Murumets, the member of the Management Board of Krakul, was elected as an additional member of the Management Board of Bercman. Jaan Hendrik Murumets as a member of the Management Board of Bercman will mainly be responsible for the research and development of the organization’s technology solutions. Jaan Hendrik was born in 1991. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Tallinn University of Technology.

Mart Suurkask, Chairman of the Board of Bercman: "Jaan Hendrik joining the Bercman Board brings a significant amount of executive-level technology know-how and experience. To achieve the goals, set for the company, product development and the ability to identify the needs and solutions that are critical to the success of the engineers will be crucial. It is in the leadership of the engineering department that Jaan Hendrik will play a key role."

Jaan Hendrik Murumets, CTO and Member of the Management Board of Bercman: "I’m pleased that we have closed the deal. I can now fully focus on Bercman's products, engineering, and future. The big things are still to come." 

By today, the entry in the Commercial Register in respect of electing Jaan Hendrik Murumets as an additional member of the Management Board of Bercman has been duly made. As to engagement in other legal entities, Jaan Hendrik is a member of the Management Board of Krakul OÜ, Krakul Investments OÜ, Krakult holding OÜ, Edgeway OÜ, and Victorkilotango OÜ.

Bercman is a deep-tech company founded in 2016 which focuses on developing and selling products and technologies that improve traffic safety. The company’s mission is to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities. We also wish to contribute to the spread of self-driving vehicles Considering the prospects of deploying automatic and autonomous vehicles, the company believes that the sector’s development has high potential and provides great opportunities for a rapid global expansion of the company.  

         Additional Information:
         Mart Suurkask
         CEO of AS Bercman Technologies
         Telephone: +37 253 402 902
         E-mail: mart.suurkask@bercman.com