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Published: 2022-09-14 15:40:00 CEST
LHV Group
Financial Calendar

LHV Group Financial Calendar for 2023

AS LHV Group has decided the company’s Financial Calendar for the 2023 financial year.

In 2023 LHV plans to disclose information and organise the general meeting of shareholders according to the following schedule:

07.02.2023Q4 2022 and unaudited full year results
14.02.2023Disclosure of Financial Plan
14.02.2023January results
28.02.2023Audited results for 2022
14.03.2023February results
22.03.2023General Meeting of Shareholders
04.04.2023Ex-dividend date (ex-date)
18.04.2023Q1 interim results
16.05.2023April results
13.06.2023May results
18.07.2023Q2 interim results
15.08.2023July results
12.09.2023August results
24.10.2023Q3 interim results
14.11.2023October results
12.12.2023November results

Priit Rum
LHV Communication Manager
Phone: +372 502 0786
Email: priit.rum@lhv.ee