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Published: 2023-04-14 15:30:00 CEST
Vilkyskiu Pienine
Notification on material event

Vilvi Group has acquired the remaining 30% shares of SIA Baltic Dairy Board

On 14.04.2023 AB Vilkyškių pieninė, the parent company of Vilvi Group, acquired the remaining 30% of the shares of SIA Baltic Dairy Board and now owns a 100% shareholding. SIA Baltic Dairy Board is a Latvian company, specialising in producing and selling high value-added dairy ingredients, and milk and whey separation. SIA Baltic Dairy Board turnover in 2022 was 15.4 million Eur, while the company’s net profit – 0.6 million Eur.

By consolidating 100% of share capital of SIA Baltic Dairy Board, AB Vilkyškių Pieninė aims to continue to strengthen and develop the assortment of the group’s high value-added dairy ingredients and further exploit synergies and growth opportunities within the Group.

The total amount of the transaction is not disclosed by agreement of the parties.

Additional information will be provided by:
Gintaras Bertašius
Director General
Phone: +370 441 55 330