Published: 2021-01-15 15:47:26 CET
AB Novaturas
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AB „Novaturas“ financial calendar for year 2021

AB “Novaturas”  plans to publish regulated information and information for investors for 2021 at these dates:

15.02.2021Revenue and clients for January period
15.03.2021Revenue and clients for February period
15.04.2021Revenue and clients for March period
28.04.2021Interim consolidated financial statements for 3 month of 2021
Till 30.04.2021Decisions of General Meeting of Shareholders
14.05.2021Revenue and clients for April period
15.06.2021Revenue and clients for May period
15.07.2021Revenue and clients for June period
29.07.2021Interim consolidated financial statements for 6 month of 2021
16.08.2021Revenue and clients for July period
15.09.2021Revenue and clients for August period
15.10.2021Revenue and clients for September period
27.10.2021Interim consolidated financial statements for 9 month of 2021
15.11.2021Revenue and clients for October period
15.12.2021Revenue and clients for November period
14.01.2022Revenue and clients for December period
08.02.2022Interim consolidated financial statements for 12 month of 2021

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