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Published: 2022-10-14 09:00:00 CEST
Punktid Technologies
Company Announcement

Punktid Technologies AS group's sales for September increased by 44% compared to September of last year, the total sales being EUR 275 000

The sales of Punktid Technologies AS (hereinafter Punktid) amounted to a total of EUR 275,000 in September, of which EUR 158,000 was the gross amount of the platform’s mediation service* and which increased by 6% compared to September 2021 (the gross amount of mediation service in September 2021 was EUR 149,000). Sales increased at Punktid.com, Punktid.lt, Punktid.lv and Punktid.fi, and decreased at Punktid.ru and Punktid.ee domains. The biggest increase was at Punktid.fi and Punktid.lt – 3758% and 1558% respectively.

“As predicted by general gaming trends, the season started very strongly in September and shows that gamers are back from their summer vacations and are shopping and playing again. Compared to August of this year, the number of visitors on the platform was 116% higher, and even 211% higher than September last year.
More than 1,300 new customers came during September’s visits, which is a year’s record in one month and more than twice as many as in August. Better targeted marketing for products and categories brought more traffic to the platform. On the development side, we moved forward with building a new platform and making additions to the existing one:

1) We activated a program on the existing platform where anyone who joins the newsletter gets a one-time discount;
2) For each product, we activated a function that shows the amount of sales of a specific product.

These activities encourage users to use more our sharing function to invite   new users to join the platform,” commented Hannes Niid, a member of the management board of Punktid.


Total sale of Punktid group in September 2022

Total sale of Punktid group         EUR 275,000
HVK Business OÜ sales revenue  EUR 117.000
Gamekeys OÜ mediation gross amount                 EUR 158,000

The numbers in the table have been rounded to the nearest thousand euros. The figures in the table are not yet final (i.e., these may change slightly) as September of 2022 has not yet been closed in accounting.

*The mediation service includes the online sale of digital codes for video games, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox through the Punktid sales platorm managed by Gamekeys OÜ, which belongs to the Punktid group, both in Estonia and abroad. The gross amount, also referred to as sales, means the money received from customers through the Punktid platform. 


The information published in this announcement on the gross amount of mediation service is not reflected in the financial statements of Punktid as according to the Estonian Financial Reporting Standard (EFS), sales revenue from the mediation service is only the commission, but not the gross amount collected under agreements. Nevertheless, Punktid assesses its growth and success solely on the basis of sale by Gamekeys OÜ (i.e., the gross amount of the mediation service). Punktid will provide investors with an overview of sales results on a quarterly basis and a more comprehensive overview every quarter..


Contacts for additional information

Hannes Niid
Management Board Member of Punktid Technologies AS

E-mail: invest@punktid.com  

Punktid Technologies AS is a holding company established and operating in Estonia which has two subsidiaries, Gamekeys OÜ and HVK Business OÜ. Punktid group owns and develops the largest online sales environment for digital codes of video games, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox in Estonia, whereas:

  • The main activity of Gamekeys OÜ is the mediation of the world's best-known video games and video game gift cards in an online environment and the related customer service and marketing both in Estonia and abroad; and
  • The main activity of HVK Business OÜ is the wholesale of video games and gift cards for business customers, Punktid.com IT project development and sale of the right to use the Punktid.com platform.