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Published: 2023-05-24 09:59:38 CEST
Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs
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LJMC department of radiology starts a new opportunity offering to Customers.

Latvia, 2023-05-24 09:59 CEST -- Latvian Sea Medicine Centre (LJMC) already from spring of this year pffering to customers GE Healthcare 3T (teslu) Premium optical type MRS  SIGNA Pioneer AIR IQ Edition possibilities of diagnostic examinations continuing to develop modern and innovative services.

LJMC path of historical development demonstrates the ability to adapt to any situation but at the same time also grow up to the largest medical institution in Latvia with the most modern equipment and provides professional healthcare services under the management of competent specialists.

The Latvian Sea Medicine Centre (LJMC) is a private medical institution established in 1944 and providing a wide range of high quality medical services to the general public. LJMC comprises Sarkandaugava Outpatient Medical Care Centre and the Central Hospital, Vecmīlgrāvis Hospital and the Primary Healthcare Centre, as well as the Northern Diagnostics Centre.

The shares the Latvian Sea Medicine Centre are listed on Riga stock exchange.

Further information

Juris Imaks,

LJMC Board member

E-mail: Juris.Imaks@ljmc.lv

Mob. phone: +371 29512492



         Member of the Board: Juris Imaks, phone: 29512492