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Published: 2022-08-09 15:15:00 CEST
Ignitis grupė
Total number of voting rights and capital

Information on the completed reduction of AB “Ignitis grupė” share capital

AB “Ignitis grupė” (hereinafter – the Group), legal entity code: 301844044, registered office address: Laisvės Ave. 10, Vilnius, informs that on 9 August 2022 the new wording of the Group’s Articles of Association (link) was registered in the Register of Legal Entities, thereby completing the procedure for the reduction of the Group’s share capital by annulling the ordinary registered shares (hereinafter – ORS) acquired by the Group in relation to the stabilisation that occurred after the initial public offering (hereinafter – IPO) of 5 October 2020.

During the reduction of the Group’s share capital, 1,894,797 units of the Group’s ORS with a nominal value of EUR 22.33 each, which were acquired by the Group itself, were annulled. The total nominal value of the annulled ORS is EUR 42,310,817.01. Accordingly, the Group’s share capital decreased to EUR 1,616,445,476.80 (from EUR 1,658,756,293.81) and the total number of ORS decreased to 72,388,960 units (from 74 283 757 units).

In the light of the above and in accordance with Article 19(2) of the Law on Securities of the Republic of Lithuania, the Group provides information on the total number of voting rights attached to its issued shares, the amount of the share capital, the number of shares and their nominal value:

Class of shares ORS
Nominal value of each share EUR 22.33
Number of shares 72,388,960 units
Group’s share capital EUR 1,616,445,476.80
Number of votes attached to all issued shares 72,388,960 units

It should be noted that following the reduction of the Group’s share capital, the free float of ORS decreased to 25.01% (from 26.92% at the time of the Group’s IPO). A share of securities held by each shareholder has also increased proportionally, including that of the majority shareholder (the Republic of Lithuania implementing the shareholder’s will, i.e. the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania) whose securities portfolio currently amounts to 74.99% (increased from 73.08%).

More information about the stabilisation that occurred after the IPO in available on pages 6-7 of the Notice of the Group’s General Meeting convened on 8 March 2022 (link).

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