Published: 2019-11-28 08:43:57 CET
AB Novaturas
Notifications on transactions concluded by managers of the companies

Notifications of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them

"Central European Tour Operator" announces that on 25 November sold 9,801 units of shares of "Novaturas Group" on the open market. The average transaction value is EUR 4.69 per share. As usual, buyers are disclosed if their holdings exceed 5%. "Central European Tour Operator" remains the major shareholder of "Novaturas Group" managing 35.06% of shares. 

Central European Tour Operator is a company owned by the Polish Enterprise Fund VI managed by Enterprise Investors. The fund invested in Novaturas already in 2007.

Novaturas Group is the leading tour operator in the Baltics states. Since 21 March 2018, Novaturas shares have been dual-listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and on Nasdaq Vilnius.

CFO of AB “Novaturas”
Tomas Staškūnas, tel. +370 687 10426


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