Published: 2017-08-22 09:57:40 CEST
Company Announcement

Notice of redemption of J-series convertible bonds issued on 2014

AS Baltika announces that it has redeemed 600 J-series bonds in total issue price of 3,000,000 euros and has submitted to the Estonian Central Register of Securities the application to delete the bonds from the register.

The three-year J-series bonds, bearing an annual interest of 6.5%, were issued on 28th of July 2014 and the issuance price per bond was 5,000 euros. Each J-series bondholder had an opportunity to convert the bonds into shares or to exchange the bonds for K-series convertible bonds which offering period ended on 16th of August 2017. There were no applications to subscribe for shares submitted. Investors used an opportunity to exchange the J-bonds for K-bonds: out of 600 J-series bonds 593 bonds with accrued interest were exchanged for K-series bonds. For the outstanding 7 J-bonds the company returned to investors the amounts paid for the bonds with accrued interests. 

Maigi Pärnik-Pernik
Member of the Management Board