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Published: 2022-04-07 07:35:00 CEST
Elmo Rent
Company Announcement

The turnover of ELMO Rent short-term rental income increased 2.2 times in March compared to last year

The sales turnover of ELMO Rent in March was 154,114 euros (43,057 euros in March 2021, an increase of 258%). Of this, short-term rental income amounted to 56,967 euros, which is almost 2.2 times higher than in the same period of the previous year (25,403 euros in March 2021).

See Graph 1 "Sales revenue with forecast by month"

In comparison to the low-season February result, the turnover of short-term rentals increased by 27% in the last month (44,788 euros in February 2022 vs. 56,967 euros in March 2022). In comparison to the same time period, the total sales turnover increased 232% (the total sales turnover was 46,389 euros in February 2022 and 154,114 euros in March 2022). In the March turnover, in addition to the short-term rental and other turnover, the turnover of around 85,000 euros is included from the resale of electrical cars with the aim of bringing those cars back to rent. The number of registered new clients increased almost 2.5 times compared to the previous year (192 in March 2021, 487 in March 2022).

See Graph 2 "New clients, per month"

With the sales turnover and the addition of new clients, ELMO Rent attaches equal importance to the CO2 emissions saved in the urban space by environmentally friendly cars. In March, ELMO Rent electric cars covered 245,155 km (164,832 km in February 2022), saving more than 29,909 kg CO2 (20,110 kg CO2 in February 2022) emissions.  


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