Published: 2017-11-10 15:45:31 CET
MADARA Cosmetics
Company Announcement

Information about the results of the initial public offering (hereinafter IPO) of AS MADARA Cosmetics

Inside information, 2017-11-10 15:45 CET -- After summarizing the information on IPO requests and shares allocated, we provide the following information:


  • The total IPO share demand was 1 228 037 shares, representing 255% of the total number of shares offered at IPO, with the following breakdown by country:
    o Latvia 8.5%
    o Estonia 40.5%
    o Finland 40.7%
    o other countries 10.3%
  • The demand breakdown by investor type:
    o private 27.9%
    o institutional 35.5%
    o strategic 36.6%
  • In total 749 requests were received during IPO, out of which 53% were requests from Latvia, 46% were from Estonia, and 1% from other countries.


  • 88% of all private investors received their requested shares in full.
  • 91% of the 396 requests from Latvia received their shares in full.
  • The shares allocated after the IPO have the following breakdown by investor type:
    o private 24%
    o institutional 34%
    o strategic 42%

As a result of the IPO, a strategic investor Oy Transmeri Group AB, a distributor of AS MADARA Cosmetics’ products in company’s currently largest export market Finland, has joined with 6% of the total share amount of AS MADARA Cosmetics. Having Oy Transmeri Group AB as a shareholder is a positive sign for future development with closer cooperation possibilities and growth in the Finnish market.


AS Madara Cosmetics is a rapidly growing and innovative Latvian manufacturer of ECOCERT organic skin care products sold in 25 countries around the world. More information can be found at

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