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Published: 2023-06-13 16:49:13 CEST
Company Announcement

Addition to the L. J. LINEN Management board

L. J. LINEN announces that two new members will be added to the Management board - Ivanda Leja and Tomass Riekstiņš. The changes in the composition of the Management board will be registered with the Enterprise Register until 22.06.2023. Current board members - Jānis Kuļikovskis, Zane Kuļikovska and Līvija Kuļikovska - will continue to remain in the Management board as well.

Ivanda Leja, L. J. LINEN Chief Financial Officer, is an experienced professional in finance management and control with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourced finance services (BIG 4) and retail industry. Business oriented - finance focused, Ivanda is a part of organisations core management team and responsible for finance & accounting division. Previously CFO & Board member at Veho Oy Ab, Tax & Accounting Manager at Rimi Baltic Group, Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young Baltic. As a member of the Management board of L. J. LINEN, she will continue to remain responsible for finance related questions.

Tomass Riekstiņš, L. J. LINEN Head of Logistics, is a resourceful, competent and experienced logistics team manager with broad international experience. A true team player with a clear focus on the big picture combined with a “can-do” attitude and the drive to get things done. As part of the organisation’s core management team, Tomass is responsible for global logistics and the development of new business ventures in the Western African region. Previously Senior project manager at Baltic Logistics Solutions (BLS), Key Account manager at Sportacentrs. As a member of the Management board of L. J. LINEN, he will continue to be responsible for all logistics and operations related topics.

Comments from current Member of the board Jānis Kuļikovskis:

“By expanding our management team, we wish to strengthen our leadership with employees who have invested incredible effort in helping to grow our business. To improve our decision making process we wish to balance the opinion of shareholders with the voting rights of employees. L. J. LINEN is focusing on very ambitious growth plans that require greater specialisation of responsibilities and consequently greater independence of decision making of separate divisions. We are certain that L. J. LINEN is on a path of creating a substantial footprint as a commodity trader with a very large presence in developing countries and emerging markets.”

About L. J. LINEN:

L. J. LINEN is engaged in the sale of animal by-products and the provision of a tailored agricultural supply chain to market leaders. L. J. LINEN provides a seamless, full-cycle door-to-door sales and delivery service - the company is as a bridge between raw material producers and producers of animal feed, biofuels and human food. L. J. LINEN’s shareholders have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the sale of these components, gained in almost 30 years of experience and working with clients in 46 markets. The company is a supplier to some of the world's largest animal feed manufacturers and is one of the largest exporters of these ingredients to developing countries.


         Monta Tija Brakovska
         SIA “L. J. LINEN”
         Treasury manager
         Phone: (+371) 29942431
         Email: monta.brakovska@ljlinen.com