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Published: 2023-03-17 15:10:00 CET
Annual information

Audited financial statements and annual report of LITGRID AB for the year 2022

LITGRID AB, electricity transmission system operator, company code 302564383, registered office address Karlo Gustavo Emilio Manerheimo str. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania is publishing Company's financial statements, annual report and the Independent auditor’s report for the year ended 31st December 2022.

Key financial indicators in 2022:

  • Revenue  EUR420.4 million (in 2021 EUR 270.9 million).
  • EBITDA  EUR (-36.5) million (in 2021 EUR 46.2 million).
  • Net loss EUR 49.5 million (in 2021 net profit  EUR 20 million).


Company’s  financial statements, annual report and the Independent auditor’s report.

More information:

Jurga Eivaitė

Communications Project Manager

+370 613 19977