Published: 2015-12-30 09:43:07 CET
Notification on material event

Commission for Energy Control and Prices set the price for usage of interconnections

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015-12-30 09:43 CET -- On 30 December 2015, National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (hereinafter - Commission) set the price for the usage of interconnections services at 5,27 EUR/MWh with effect from 1 March 2016.

In addition, Commission has decided to publish in Legislative register the methodology for electricity transmission prices and their application as adjusted and approved by Litgrid Management Board on 23 December 2015. The methodology was updated according to the modified system services price, set by the Commission at 0,353 ct/kWh on 23 December 2015 (Resolution No. 03-686). Except the price of system services, other terms of the methodology remain unchanged. As of 1 January 2016, the approved average transmission service rate remains unchanged - 0,691 ct/kWh, the price for system services - 0,353 ct/kWh.     

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