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Published: 2024-03-05 08:00:00 CET
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AS Tallink Grupp Statistics for February 2024

In February 2024 AS Tallink Grupp transported 364,003 passengers, which is a 2.3% increase compared to February 2023. The number of cargo units remained on the same level as in February 2023 and was 26,672 units. The number of passenger vehicles decreased by 4.5% to 47,997 units in the same comparison.

AS Tallink Grupp passenger, cargo unit and passenger vehicles numbers for February 2024 were the following:

 February 2024February 2023Change
Finland - Sweden102,252114,181-10.4%
Estonia - Finland230,391205,73812.0%
Estonia - Sweden31,36035,877-12.6%
Cargo Units26,67226,784-0.4%
Finland - Sweden3,2122,55225.9%
Estonia - Finland19,64519,784-0.7%
Estonia - Sweden3,8154,448-14.2%
Passenger Vehicles47,99750,259-4.5%
Finland - Sweden3,0123,413-11.7%
Estonia - Finland43,53245,411-4.1%
Estonia - Sweden1,4531,4351.3%



The February Finland-Sweden results reflect the operation of the Helsinki-Stockholm and Turku-Stockholm routes.

The February Estonia-Finland results reflect operations of the shuttle services of MyStar and Megastar as well as the operation of the cruise ferry Victoria I that started operating the cruise service from 12 October 2023. The shuttle vessel Star stopped operating the route in May 2023 due to long-term charter agreement.

The February Estonia-Sweden results reflect the operations of the Tallinn-Stockholm and the Paldiski-Kapellskär routes by one cruise ferry and two cargo vessels.


In March 2024, the charter agreement of Galaxy I was extended for six months until October 2024 with the option of extending the agreement at the end of the agreement period.

Anneli Simm
Investor Relations Manager

AS Tallink Grupp
Sadama 5
10111 Tallinn
E-mail Anneli.simm@tallink.ee


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