Published: 2020-07-10 15:06:30 CEST
Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca
Decisions of general meeting

JSC "Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca" Draft resolutions of the regular meeting of shareholders on 28.07.2020.

1. Reports of the Board and of the Council.

-To accept for information reports of the Board and the Council of the JSC „Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca”.

2. Approval of the 2019 annual account.

- To approve annual report for 2019 of the JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca”.

3. Election of auditor and determination of the remuneration for auditor.

-To elect “Nexia Audit Advice”  Ltd (License Nr.134) to officiate as auditor of the JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” in 2020.

- Determine the JSC “Rīgas juvelierizstrādājumu rūpnīca” auditor remuneration for the auditor's duties during 2020 as amounting to EUR 4840,-.


Chairman of the Board
Vladimirs Cadovičs


RJR_Balsojuma veidlapa_Voting form.docx