Published: 2017-03-24 09:17:53 CET
Trigon Property Development
Company Announcement

Forming of properties and sale of real estate property

AS Trigon Property Development announces that with the 10.03.2017 agreement it was decided to divide the property created upon merging the Niidu str 11a, Kase str 11a, Kase str 13, Kase str 15, Kase str 15a, Kase str 17, Kase str 19, Arukase str 8, Arukase str T1, Ristiku str T1 properties in Pärnu in accordance with the adopted detail plan of the area between Niidu street, Ehitajate road and Harutee road into new land pots as follows: Kase str T5 (area 13 219 m2), Kase str 13 (area 5358 m2), Kase str 15 (area 6946 m2), Kase str 17 (area 104 476 m2), Arukase str 1(area 5240 m2), Arukase str 2 (area 6920 m2), Arukase str 3 (area 14 915 m2), Niidu str 11a (area 47 448 m2), Arukase street T1 (area 4142 m2), Arukase street T3 (area 3823 m2), Arukase str T4 (area 3170 m2) Ristiku street T1 (area 3162 m2), Kase street T1 (area 15 945 m2).

On 10.03.2017 AS Trigon Property Development and Metsä Wood Eesti AS concluded a real right agreement on sale of real estate property belonging to AS trigon Property Development created upon the division of land plots located at Kase str 17 in Pärnu with the size of 104 476 m2. The sale price of the property was 850 000 EUR (VAT not included). With the real right agreement the transaction agreed in the preliminary sales-purchase agreement concluded in 2016 was finalized.


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